New Wave Myotherapy Academy

N.W.M.A. is a cutting-edge school conducted by current Alternative Medicine. N.W.M.A. has the potential to educate from a unique massage and bodywork style, especially Eastern and Traditional style bodywork techniques.

N.W.M.A.’s Instructor/student ratio is 12:1, providing for close, personal supervision, maximizing skill and technique effectiveness.

N.W.M.A., owned and operated by a Licensed Massage Therapist, introduces students to an environment of joy and closeness, providing a “feel at home” experience unlike no other in the field of massage education.

Our School

Imagine restoring the health and wellness of other, using your innermost intelligence.


Massage therapy is the process that assists you in tapping into your potential while sharing an atmosphere of nuturance and compassion for others. It is one of the fastest growing careers of the new millwnnium.


since 2004, New Wave Myotherapy Academy has been helping student of massage therapy realizing their potential as professional therapists. we provide complete training programs that prepare today's therapist for  the rigors and rewards of such a career.


student at N.W.M.A. have great opportunity to realize their dreams in a practical manner by providing choices in programs and electives. Our graduates succeed on the workplace by learing in a supportive environment, helping them gain knowledge, insight, experience and skills needed to become true professionals.


students have the Massage Therapy Certificate program and electives. Electives provide a well-rounded approach to different style of therapy. these included Jiap/Shiatsu, Yogic Neuromuscular Therapy, Reflexology Thai and Ayrvedic Massage.


As the industry of Massage Therapy grows, mnore employers call our placement office in search of our successful graduates, making our rates exceptional. Our flexible payment plan offers you the ability to finance your education easier that ever.


We hope you will consider an exciting journey in Massage Therapy by joining us soon!


Our wide range of course offerings are relevant and applicable to today's rapidly changing world. We prepare our students to take their place among the best and the brightest.


Extracurricular Activities

Whether it's science, sports or music, our extracurricular activities let students explore their particular interests and apply what they've learned in a hands-on environment.


Additional Offerings

New Wave Myotherapy Academy, we continue to cultivate learning even after the final bell rings.