Continuing Education

N.W.M.A. povide continuing education program 56hours (include 6hours professional standard and Ethics) for applicants who need National Certificate renewal. We offer schedules every month January through December.

Please call for a schedule of current classes, pricing, and schedules. We accept registration by phone, fax, mail or in person.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM)

LDM is widely used post surgically; reducing scars, discoloration and swelling. LDM enhances the flow of lymph through the lymphatic system; it purifies the body and regulates irritation, swelling & edema


Hot Stone Massage

Students learn to use warming stones combined with fragrant oils to give a warm, muscle relaxing massage. Due to client request, this technique is featured as a favorite in most spas and salons.



This means “push-pinch” in Asian language. It is a rare and powerful form of ancient deep tissue therapy using a variety of hand, finger, elbow and arm motions directed at condition-specific treatment. It is an adjunct to most other therapies including TCM.



This ancient technique is the oldest massage form in East Asia. As a powerful deep tissue technique, Anma can be applied to a client fully-clothed on a table or floor. Effective in dealing with chronic muscular conditions, it can be easily combined with most other Shiatsu applications

Yogic Neuromuscular Therapy (YNMT)


Drawing upon the principles of Deep Tissue Release, Kundalini Yoga and Reiki, this powerful form of therapeutic bodywork releases stress and tension on energetic, emotional and physical structures by unraveling body tissues in a series of controlled movements.



Students learn how to activate and balance energy to help clients deal with chronic and acute pain; also used for achieving spiritual focus and clarity.


Trigger Point therapy

Currently being used in hospitals, doctors and chiropractic offices for pain management and tissue restoration, Trigger Point Therapy is a rapidly growing modality used to identify extreme muscular tension and pain patterns, as well as deactivating associated trigger points.



Traditional chinese Medicine

This course covers the history and basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Students will be exposed to the fundamental concepts of chi, meridians (channels), Yin/Yang, Five Element Theory and Meridian Point (tsubos).